We help organisations succeed by leveraging
the power of modern technology

We monitor and instrument the entire IT infrastructure

Bringing forth information that provides insight and visibility that matters
Go from reactive to proactive. Knowledge is power.

We help you migrate to cloud platforms

Enhancing availability and scalability
Work form anywhere on any device
Reduce costs

We help you Achieve high performance

Designing high quality software and hardware platforms
Focus on getting things done intelligently

We secure your information

We secure your vital information wherever it may be
Control is in your hands

We are a modern IT services company specialising in IT infrastructure monitoring, security, cloud computing and high performance computing


Instant visibility into the entire IT infrastructure and applications.                                              


Reliable and resilient high performance applications in the private or public cloud.   


Accelerate time to discovery, innovation and profitability.                                               


Secure the entire Infrastructure, from hardware to software.                                               

Defeat Threats. Drive Performance. Deliver Control

Enterprises choose Bitdefender for the highest level of security innovation and performance capabilities in virtualized, physical, mobile and cloud environments.



We deliver exceptional services but don't just take our word for it, take a look at what we have done for other companies or contact us.


Hidroconstructia modernizes and consolidates IT infrastructure with Red Hat solutions.


Optima Builds Stable, Flexible IT Infrastructure: Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Provides the Foundation for Growth


Bitdefender helps Olympus obtain the highest protection using the most flexible and innovative approaches to protecting the IT environments.


Heineken now has a complete and reliable solution in place that gives them peace of mind and visibility into the IT infrastructure.

Accelerate Time to Discovery, Innovation, & Profitability

Our results in HPC are sometimes difficult to spot. Our contributions however have profound efects in the areas of Government & Intelligence, Research, Telecom and Financial Services.